Safeguard Our Children

Safeguard Our Children

Safeguard Our Children provides ongoing support, education, training and resources to help prevent child sexual abuse and to address children’s safety in our parishes, schools, homes and communities. 

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

             April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. It is most appropriate that Child Abuse Prevention Month is held during the Easter season. There is no better time than Easter to celebrate the protection of our most valuable gift from God – our children. For information on how you can become more informed and involved in keeping our children safe, and to learn more about the 2014 pamphlet, “Working Together To Prevent Child Sexual Abuse,” please email:
During the month of April we request all ministers, parish volunteers, paid staff and anyone who may come into contact with our youth to recommit to adhering to the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Guidelines for Adults interacting with Minors by signing your annual commitment form. The forms can be found with all mass coordinators, in the sacristy and the parish office. We thank you for your concentrated focus on maintaining a safe environment for all children.

STA Safeguard the Children Committee Members
Carmen Austria – Chairperson
Fr. John Kyebasuuta – Pastor
Sr. Rocio Nieto- Director of Religious Education
Gloria Castillo- School Principal
Esther Hwang- Chinese Religious Education
Lorraine Melendez- Parish General Manager
Maria Rugama- STA School Teacher
Judy Wu- Chinese Religious Education

For additional information please contact Carmen Austria —626-993-4933

or visit the Archdiocese Website at